nouveauté 2

I've always been hunting, when I was a little girl in my stroller in the early 60s at the Clignancourt flea market, it was the family weekend outing.

In all seasons...



After a few years of styling, the desire to hunt and to make it my profession became obvious to me. Au Petit bonheur la chance is a place dedicated to my favorites... Everything is found there apart from fashions and trends.



This passage of relay around an object, whether it is poetic, obsolete or just beautifully "utilitarian" brings me a lot of joy and sometimes even a beautiful emotion in the sharing.

The school and all the memories that surround it, the trousseau and the kitchen of our grandmothers, the games and toys of our childhood, the haberdashers, the stationers, the colourful merchants and the forgotten treasures of the shop's collections find a place in this little shop where collectors and neophytes, stylists or lovers of pretty things like to stop.